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Photo Transfer: Scoring When Apple Simply Punts

Bottom line readers might be interested in this bottom line: If you want to get your photos to your iPad and know for sure that they’re going to get there, I have yet another program that did an end run … Continue reading

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iPad File Management: Coming Soon?

iPad File Management: Coming Soon? Today’s blog is so short it probably makes sense to read the article rather than the abstract. But in case you’re still in a hurry to drain your latte and make that next unbearable meeting … Continue reading

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BrainPOP slightly more helpful than “I don’t know”

Here’s the bottom line for readers in a hurry: BrainPOP is a great online resource but it’s iPad implementation is fairly limited. BrainPOP provides: Daily educational videos An online quiz with feedback More youth orientation than my high school teachers, … Continue reading

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Bloom HD is instant art, only better

Here’s the bottom line. If you need a bottom line, you probably won’t be interested in Bloom HD because it does absolutely nothing but make pretty sounds and glowing, growing dots. That’s right, you don’t even get to kill things … Continue reading

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Pocket God is wickedly divine

Here’s the bottom line. If the only time you get to yourself at work is when you have to excuse yourself to hide behind the door in the public facilities (and I’ve had my share of those) this is the … Continue reading

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The Amazingly Annoying Cat Piano

Here’s the bottom line: The Cat Piano Is dirt cheap Has ten different voices and a piano You don’t need to know how to play a piano Is really annoying. I mean really, really annoying But mainly I’m reviewing this … Continue reading

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Stanza stands out from alternative iPad ereaders

Today I will explore four ereader apps trying to horn in on the ereader market: Stanza Bookshelf Kobo HD ReadMe Reader Lite Of the five, only Bookshelf and Stanza look like they genuinely offer competition by focusing on a market … Continue reading

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