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Magic 2013 doubles down

Spoiler alert! Sorry, it’s a card game. No matter how cool the graphics. And you don’t even get to trade. Oh, and it’s really $10. But as far as card games go, this is one of the best digital renditions … Continue reading

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CraftStudio brings out your inner Beth

Spoiler alert! Martha Stewart CraftStudio is a nifty app for any one who likes to dabble at the crafts store. Best of all, it’s free until July 8 so now is the time to get it. Five stars. It might … Continue reading

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Mutant Storm: Asteroids in overdrive

Spoiler alert! Mutant Storm is one in a long line of fast and furious outer space shoot-em-ups where your ship has to blast its way through swarms of aliens and enemy ships. It’s bright and colorful and pretty much the … Continue reading

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National Parks beats paper tourist guides

Spoiler alert! If you want a parks tour guide without having to unfold (and lose) dozens of pamphlets, you might want to spring for National Geographic’s National Parks. The app is free, but the park guides cost $2 each and … Continue reading

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OLO good family fun

Spoiler alert! OLO is a cross between checkers and air hockey, which could lead to hours of fun or a game you put away after a couple of games. The game is simple, elegant and well designed—although you can’t play … Continue reading

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vJay: almost no help at all

Spoiler alert! If you’re looking for a way to mix video DJ style, vJay is a mixed bag. If you don’t already know what you’re doing, the app offers no help or tutorials. Nor does it export mixes conveniently. For … Continue reading

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Heroes Call more promising than name

Spoiler alert! Heroes Call provides a reasonably challenging quest game with better than average 3D graphics. Hard core sword and sorcery gamers may find harder games, but for the average gamer this is a great way to spend time. Four … Continue reading

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