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Mini Tour Golf: Childhood memories on your iPad

If you think I missed yesterday’s blog, I accidentally posted two blogs on Wednesday. The Kitty Katcher review should have been Thursday’s blog. To make up for my mistake, I made today’s blog extra long. Here’s the bottom line for … Continue reading

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Kitty Katcher leaves kitty carnage

WARNING! This blog contains extremely graphic depictions and screen shots from the seemingly innocent children’s game Kitty Katchers. If you are easily offended do not read this blog, and especially protect your children. The blog may have its funny moments … Continue reading

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iDisk slips

Bottom line readers will perk up at the thought of being able to access and backup their iPad files wirelessly with iDisk. Sadly, that perk is probably from their quadruple espresso shot Latte because iDisk remains a disappointment to iPad … Continue reading

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Numbers doesn’t add up (and, no, that’s not bad grammar)

Bottom line readers will probably demand the best spreadsheet available, even if they delegate the number crunching to someone further down the chain of command. Unfortunately, the best spreadsheet available of the iPad may not exist. It certainly isn’t Numbers, … Continue reading

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EReader for iPad limps to the starting gate long after the race is finished

For once I understand the desire to get to the bottom line, even if that means skipping my wonderful prose. Here’s the bottom line on eReader. Don’t bother. If you have a lot of eReader books on your bookshelf you … Continue reading

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MultiPong pounds the walls of iPads everywhere

Even bottom line readers will get into the excitement of MultiPong. It’s high stakes arcade action for up to four players. And if you really want to boost your bottom line, you can probably bet against the other players. (Just … Continue reading

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BlogPress can do, but could do more

Bottom line readers are probably too busy to write a blog on the iPad using BlogPress because they will need to use too many other apps in support. Then again, bottom-line readers would probably pass the responsibility of writing the … Continue reading

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