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Touch Pets Cats practically purrs

Spoiler alert! Touch Pets Cats is about as close as you can get to raising a pet without owning one. The cats are almost irresistible and, best of all, their shit really doesn’t stink. In fact, it just disappears from … Continue reading

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Bing brings bling to iPad searching

Spoiler alert! While I am loathe to praise anything Microsoft, Bing for iPad certainly brings the best eye candy (no, not iCandy) I’ve seen to a search engine. Does this make it a better search engine? I’m still using Google, … Continue reading

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Blogsy ascends iPad blogging summit

Update 04/28: After several emails, Blogsy’s developers believe the line breaks are somehow removed by the inclusion of horizontal rule tags ( ). No doubt they will discover problems with CSS as well, but they are already working on bug … Continue reading

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Colorflys: Breathtaking and boring

Spoiler alert! Colorflys has been rated among the top 10 kid games and top 20 family games. It’s definitely a game for kids, but probably not for kids who have discovered the joys of virtual zombie hunting or hacking away … Continue reading

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Geo Walk HD a slick piece of edutainment

Spoiler alert!Geo Walk HD is one of a long series of applications that promises to educate your kids when books and school fail them—in this case taking on the impossible subject of geography. The app is slick, the content good. … Continue reading

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Around the World with Lilup: Children’s fantasies fulfilled

Spoiler alert! Lilup is the perfect kids’ book for the iPad. It doesn’t just promise interactivity, it delivers, allowing your child to read while they play, play while they read or listen to you read the story to them. If … Continue reading

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Puzzle Planet mildly challenging but far from complex

Spoiler alert! Puzzle Planet offers decent jigsaw puzzles with a hint of game play. You won’t find the five thousand piece leave-it-on-the-table for a month mammoth puzzles of the White Album cover that hard-core puzzlers love to ponder and obsess … Continue reading

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