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Air Mail soars

Spoiler alert! Chillingo’s Air Mail is a great combination of flight simulator and arcade game. While it fails to compete with the best in either category, it’s a great compromise that doesn’t require an enormous learning curve. Four stars. Air … Continue reading

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Ink fails to flow

Spoiler alert! Sketchbook released Ink as a quick sketch program for designers and artists who don’t need the power of Pro, but do need to send out sketches in a wide variety of resolutions. It looks good but feels as … Continue reading

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Extinction Squad fades fast

Spoiler alert! Extinction Squad costs little, and offers plenty of action. Think of it as Breakout with animals, only you don’t break bricks. Animals do die, however. Three Stars. Extinction Squad isn’t the best game Apple selected for App of … Continue reading

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Passing on Cook’s Illustrated Magazine

Spoiler alert! Apple reaches a new low by selecting Cook’s Illustrated Magazine as their free iPad app of the Week. Once again, it’s a newsstand magazine and the only thing you get for free it the shell. If you want … Continue reading

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LostWinds2 lives down to its name

Spoiler alert! LostWinds2 is a sadly appropriate name for a game with a lot of effects and little to do. It’s fun to watch but only okay to play. You will find very little action in return for a lot … Continue reading

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artCircles spins great art for iPad

Spoiler alert! Art lovers will appreciate artCircles more than any other art appreciation app I’ve seen on the iPad. It is ingenious, colorful and free associative in a way have yet to see on any computer or device. Best Buy. … Continue reading

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Lego Harry Potter packs iPad wallop

Spoiler alert! Let’s be honest, you probably could care less about Lego Harry Potter 2 because you’re old enough to read. But if you have an iPad your kids are probably whining for it right now. I can’t imagine that … Continue reading

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