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Midway arcade midway between nostalgia and fun

Spoiler alert! If you’re going to get Midway Arcade, get it while it’s still on sale for a dollar. If you really like Arcade games, and don’t mind the small touchscreen play, it has potential. When they improve game controls … Continue reading

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Tweetbot not only twitters, it hums

Spoiler alert! Tweetbot promises to enhance your tweeting experience. I’m not sure that’s possible, but it’s better than the free iPad app. Four stars I never saw the point of Twitter. I make it a point to hold onto some … Continue reading

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Beat Sneak Bandit flees from fun

Spoiler alert! Beat Sneak Bandit bored me to tears. I lost interest on the first level and by the third level I decided my first impression was correct. This may be Apple’s iPad game of the week, but it isn’t … Continue reading

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Vera Wang Weddings promotes stylish nuptials

Spoiler alert! Vera Wang on Weddings offers young brides a glamorous wedding planner with style previews, inspiration and even a schedule of planning highlights. This app has a very limited audience, young women with enough money to afford this kind … Continue reading

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Eufloria HD strikes chord for a few, out for others.

Spoiler alert! When I play Eufloria HD I think of those Avalon Hill games my friends played in high school. Not the sports ones, the military ones. They proceeded at a slow, almost tedious pace, and I tried my best … Continue reading

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Off the iPad and In the Kitchen

Spoiler alert! Food Network In the Kitchen is a good buy for a couple of dollars. There are plenty of free web sites and iPad recipe apps, but the interface makes this just a little bit handier. Four stars. I … Continue reading

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