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TV Guide gets better

Spoiler alert! Both TV Guide and Supermagical are four stars or better. I'm down to crunch mode to get Raising Hell to release on Amazon and the promotional site running, so I'm keeping it short. Especially since this week's editor's … Continue reading

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Ball blasting with Moki

Spoiler alert! iBlast Moki 2 is a thinking game. You have to figure out where to place tools and nudge them into place if you're off. It's free and only really costly if you're stumped and need to buy an … Continue reading

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Solar Walk sails through system

Spoiler alert! Solar Walk is about as nifty as an educational app can get. The graphics are nothing short of spectacular and the content provides students with a great way to brush up on the basics of the solar system. … Continue reading

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Pitfall brings back old game glories

Spoiler alert! For a mere dollar, Pitfall is full out action packed fun. But polish your skills thoroughly because if you don't, it will cost a lot of money to get those level-up upgrades. Four Stars. Before there was Lara … Continue reading

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Cartoon Network fails to launch

Spoiler alert! The alert and the review are the same this week. I've tried to load Apple's Editors' Choice Cartoon network unsuccessfully on multiple generations of iPads. Even after half an hour on one test it failed. No Stars. This … Continue reading

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Monster Life lacks luster

Spoiler alert! Monster Life outdoes its social network game competitors for sure activity, with breeding as well as fighting, but in the end it fails to fuel player passions. Three Stars. It's possible that Monster Life will be a lot … Continue reading

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