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Zen and iZen Gardens: Get your virtual Zen on

Spoiler alert!If you’re going to buy a virtual zen garden, I would recommend iZenGarden. It will give you the most bang for your buck, which, now that I think of it, isn’t zen at all. Before the break I promised … Continue reading

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Godfinger: Pocket God meets We Rule

Spoiler alert! As much as I would love to rate it higher, Godfinger can’t compete with competing games. 4 Stars, (or a Jenny purr) and that’s being kind. One of the ultimate childhood fantasies is what we would do to … Continue reading

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Office2 HD looks lightweight but really delivers.

Spoiler Alert!This app falls in the pretty good category. Ironically, Apple finally released a version of iWorks that supports iDisk, the night before this release was posted. The update looks like a game changer at first glance, and I will … Continue reading

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iPad Keyboards boost typing but add baggage

Spoiler alert!Both keyboards are worth buying, depending on your needs and circumstances, but are far from perfect. As to which needs and circumstances, you will have to read the review. So you order your iPad and you see those keyboards … Continue reading

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Airport Mania HD & Let’s Create! Pottery: Double Update Feature

Spolier Alert: For people who never played Airport Mania on the iPhone, 5 stars. Fans of the iPhone version may be slightly disappointed. And if you don’t have Let’s Create! Pottery already, the new release makes it an absolute best … Continue reading

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Apple and the theory of gravity

The fall session of iPad Envy has begun and it’s time to assess how far Apple has come with improving the iPad. The iPad is a wonderful product. Apple, however, is losing it’s gloss. I have said this before and … Continue reading

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Koi Pond HD far more fun than the koi pond itself

Spolier alert: Five stars plus! A must buy. Let me open with an observation that has nothing to do with iPads. It has to do with television and the way episodes are presented. Carol and I love the Closer and … Continue reading

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