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To-Fu: The Trials of Chi springs across screen

Spoiler alert! To-Fu: The Trials of Chi challenges both your puzzle solving and targeting skills to create an awfully fun romp. It isn’t a fast action shoot-em up, but if you can’t aim you can’t win. And the To-Fu master … Continue reading

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kitties love kitty catch

i dont need daddy to review kitty catch for me becauz im lerning to type an xpress my own feelingz. besidz daddy want review it becauz he saiz therez nuthing to review. he tryd kitty catch and put it down … Continue reading

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Kensington KeyFolio best of a mixed lot

Spoiler alert! The more I play with any iPad keyboard accessory, the less enchanted I find myself. Sooner or later, the keyboard will show a major design flaw that haunts you every time you use it. The key layout may … Continue reading

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Mobile Bingo: When DVDs and Nintendo get boring

Spoiler alert! I found half a dozen mobile bingo apps in the App Store and I couldn’t look at them all, so I looked at the one that seemed to provide the best compromise of features and price, which is … Continue reading

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My Vacation HD stops short of promise

Spoiler alert! My Vacation HD looks better in the App Store than it does on my iPad. I’m not sure this is so much a problem of oversell so much as underdelivery. For $5, you will probably do just as … Continue reading

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Vacation Brag Book not much to brag about

Spoiler alert! Build a Vaction Brag Book for iPad looks pretty cool until you actually try to tailor the story to your vacation. Good luck. You’d be better off reading the story in advance and tailoring your vacation to the … Continue reading

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Bloons never die

They just recycle and attack again Spoiler alert! Bloons looks deceptively easy. Place a few weapons, blow up some balloons. No contest. Until every balloon in the world comes swarming your way and suddenly you’re dead a hundred times over. … Continue reading

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