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Daedalus is no Ulysses

but he wasn’t in the original version either Spoiler alert! Fans of Ulysses on the Mac have been waiting more than a year for a iPad version of of one of the best text editors ever. Daedalus isn’t Ulysses (which … Continue reading

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iPad Pocket God no match for iPhone

Spoiler alert! I have long wished for Bolt Creative to redo Pocket God, a best buy iPhone game, in HD for the iPad. I’m still waiting, but they have released Pocket God: Journey to Uranus while we wait. I hope … Continue reading

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At Bat 11 takes your iPad to the Show

Spoiler alert! At Bat 11 delivers as much Major League Baseball to your iPad as you could possibly want (and pay for). It’s not cheap, and the more you want the more expensive it gets. But if you’re a real … Continue reading

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Bible + is the least of these

which may be good for discipleship, but not necessarily for Bible study Spoiler alert! Since it may be a while before the next Rapture, you may need to study harder than I thought last week. Logos Bible Software’s Bible + … Continue reading

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Bible Reference Game more fun than….

Never mind. It really isn't Spoiler alert! If you’re looking for real fun, avoid the Bible Reference Game at all costs. Sorry, Jesus, but some of your followers talk about the joy of the Lord and manage to snuff it … Continue reading

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Just 1 Word offers a variety of online Bibles

and offline too, if you want to pay Spoiler alert! Just 1 Word How bad will it get if you get left behind after Saturday’s Rapture? Really bad. The Republicans will be in heaven with Jesus so President Antichrist will … Continue reading

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Crossway’s free Bible offers cheapest ticket to the Rapture

Spoiler alert! If you want to study the Bible but never really got around to it, Crossway’s ESV Bible is a good start. It’s free and doesn’t clutter your mind with reference notes written from a specific theological spin. If … Continue reading

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