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Apps designed to replace your desktop (word processing, spreadsheets, etc.)

PS Touch brings Photoshop to iPad

Spoiler alert! It's Photoshop. Even a stripped down tablet version will still be one of the slickest apps in the App Store. And at 10 percent of the original Photoshop price ($10), it's a steal. It can only get better. … Continue reading

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Vera Wang Weddings promotes stylish nuptials

Spoiler alert! Vera Wang on Weddings offers young brides a glamorous wedding planner with style previews, inspiration and even a schedule of planning highlights. This app has a very limited audience, young women with enough money to afford this kind … Continue reading

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Bords delivers digital cork board and magnets too

Spoiler alert! Bords is remarkably well conceived and executed for a $2 app. It provides a sense of organization without the rigidity of a daily planner and allows you to keep track of anything from vacation photos to project notes … Continue reading

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My Vacation HD stops short of promise

Spoiler alert! My Vacation HD looks better in the App Store than it does on my iPad. I’m not sure this is so much a problem of oversell so much as underdelivery. For $5, you will probably do just as … Continue reading

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Plato wouldn’t like Memonic, but you might

Spoiler alert! Why do you need yet another note storage service? You don’t. If you’re happy with what you have, you might as well stick with it. However, if you only need to work with text and web clippings, you … Continue reading

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Week Calendar HD scared Apple into removing it

Spoiler alert! Why would you need another calendar app that’s almost identical to Apple’s iPad Calendar? If you don’t use your calendar much, you don’t. But if you really need to organize your calendar, Week Calendar HD actually extends Calendar’s … Continue reading

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Wunderlist juggles tasks almost effortlessly

Spoiler alert! If you need a good task manager or to do list organizer, Wunderlist is among the best I’ve seen. It’s gorgeous and elegant and well worth the price of the download. Good enough for five stars at least. … Continue reading

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