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Jot Touch brings pressure to your stylus

Spoiler alert! Even though the Adonit Jot Touch is a high maintenance tool, it seems to deliver the best response of any of the pens on the market. Art and design professionals who work with an iPad need this tool … Continue reading

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Pogo Connects the dots

Spoiler alert! Pogo Connect answers the stylus envy the Surface advertisements want iPad users to feel. “Our pads have a stylus.” You have always been able to use a soft-rubber stylus with the iPad, but the Pogo Connect is pressure … Continue reading

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PS Touch brings Photoshop to iPad

Spoiler alert! It's Photoshop. Even a stripped down tablet version will still be one of the slickest apps in the App Store. And at 10 percent of the original Photoshop price ($10), it's a steal. It can only get better. … Continue reading

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CraftStudio brings out your inner Beth

Spoiler alert! Martha Stewart CraftStudio is a nifty app for any one who likes to dabble at the crafts store. Best of all, it’s free until July 8 so now is the time to get it. Five stars. It might … Continue reading

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Ink fails to flow

Spoiler alert! Sketchbook released Ink as a quick sketch program for designers and artists who don’t need the power of Pro, but do need to send out sketches in a wide variety of resolutions. It looks good but feels as … Continue reading

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