eBay for iPad = ieBay?

Spoiler alert! Cooler than eBay on a browser. Four stars.

There’s a lot of initials in eBay for iPad. Is is iPad before eBay (iPad version), or eBay before iPad? Technically eBay came first but without the iPad there would be no iPad eBay. Not a lot of rhyming rules to help us out either.

iPad eBay is a splendid example of why people prefer apps to browsers. For some reason browser user interfaces haven’t caught up with tablet UIs. They try, but browsers pretty much look the same as they did ten or twelve years ago. Flash apps helped (I promise not to go there even though Steve is gone and there’s nothing standing in the way of Apple’s making peace with Adobe). CSS and HTML5 offered some promise but they seem to look better on tablets.

This could be why there have been so many magazine, shopping and site apps. Actually, this is why there are so many of them. Not all of them are successful but when they do a good job, they make the web look even dowdier than before. And eBay’s web site has looked long in the tooth for several years now.

iPad eBay does nothing the site won’t do on any browser, at least not when it comes to tracking down items. It looks great by comparison and if you’re an avid eShopper, you will probably love this. The app is beautiful and easy to customize.

Even if you find the gears intimidating, using the app is simple. You pull down the search menu, select your category and narrow your search down until you find what you need. Or you type in your search terms. This is exactly like browser eBay except that the menus are larger and easier to read.

Customizing your home screen is as simple as working with your iPad pages. It takes about five seconds to set your app up to get you to your favorite shopping items.

You can easily customize the home screen to launch your favorite categories. The interface should already be familiar. The edit button allows you to delete items, just like the iPad screen, and the plus button allows you to add new items. If you pretty much limit your shopping to books and movies, you can add buttons to take you directly to those categories.

You can also browse items in a way that lets you look for what you want to buy. You can adjust the screen to view as icons or columns. One of the most useful allows you to browse items like email, with items in a column and descriptions filling the screen to the right.

This is one of the many view settings for browsing listed items. You can switch between any of three viewing options.

It’s hard to get excited and gushy over eBay. It’s just another shopping app. But if you use eBay for your online shopping, you will definitely enjoy the iPad version more.

Jenny Manytoes rates eBay for iPad

Jenny Manytoes would purr next to eBay. She uses it to order cat food and cat toys because she can’t use a mouse on a real computer. In fact, she drags the mouse under the couch to kill it. The only thing she hasn’t figured out is how to enter my credit card number. God help me when she does.

The Jenny Manytoes Rating System

Jenny Manytoes, our polydactyl cat
  • When Jenny makes biscuits on a product she thinks she’s in heaven.
  • When Jenny purrs over a product she’s very happy.
  • When Jenny naps next to a product it’s okay with her.
  • When Jenny bunches her tail she can live with a product, but she has higher expectations.
  • When Jenny leaves it in the litter box….I don’t think I need to explain this one.

About Phillip T Stephens

Phillip T. Stephens disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle twenty years before he was born, creating a time travel paradox so confusing it remains unspoken between physicists and sci-fi writers to this day. Follow @stephens_pt
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