Time Warner pulls the old Apple Flash

Spoiler alert! If you’re a Time Warner subscriber you can forget enjoying some of the coolest apps. I would love to review them but I made the mistake of subscribing to Time Warner Cable. So I’m going to pass on Time Warner’s Cable TV control app, and I would rate HBO Go as four stars just based on the quality of the content. But, of course, I can’t actually do anything with it to be sure.

Besides, it’s free to subscribers (except for Time Warner), so even if you hate it, it’s already paid for.

One of these days Steve Jobs is going to cave in and let us Flash. I doubt the horde of knock-off iPads will do any more damage to the iPad than the Zoon and its ilk did to the iPad. But they will eat away at its market share and that’s gotta hurt.

The real problem is that Time Warner Cable has taken it’s cues from Steve Jobs when it comes to the iPad. For some reason they hold the power of the implementation of iPad apps in their service areas and they intend to make subscribers pay for it.

TW Cable TV

Time Warner advertised on every channel that their cool app allowed subscribers to control our cable viewing directly from the iPad. Since Carol and I have paid them thousands of dollars in the 25 years we’ve been married1 I thought it would be a nice perk.

So I downloaded the app and guess what? I can’t just buy the service I have to buy their damn cable modem too. And pay the monthly bump. If I have to give my money to a faceless corporate entity I want to at least spread it around between faceless corporate entities.

I was so eager to use my Time Warner app to control my cable from my iPad. Then I get this message. That’s just wrong.

A month or so later HBO started advertising their HBO Go app. How cool would it be to watch True Blood at my sister’s? Even if she had HBO she would never allow Sookie or vampire Bill in the same house as her children.

So I downloaded the app, opened it, looked at all the cool shows I could watch on my iPad. I clicked on “Game of Thrones” and was told to connect to my HBO service provider. Guess which provider wasn’t listed?

I would love to have reviewed HBO Go for you but Time Warner isn’t offering the service.

So Jenny can’t give you a rating for either app because I couldn’t use them to review.

But if I were to rate based on five fingers instead of five stars, I’d have to give Time Warner the third one.

And it doesn’t mean “average” or “nap.”

1In fact, more than $30k now that I do the math. More than any car we’ve ever owned. More than the cost of graduate school in the seventies. In fact, it may be time to rethink cable altogether in retrospect. Maybe go back to basic cable and wait for the shows I can’t get when they come out on Blu Ray when I would have bought them anyway.
That could have funded an orphanage.back


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Phillip T. Stephens disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle twenty years before he was born, creating a time travel paradox so confusing it remains unspoken between physicists and sci-fi writers to this day. Follow @stephens_pt
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