Hour Clash: Halloween Edition is neither scary nor fun

Spoiler alert!Do not, do not, under any circumstances, do not buy Hour Clash: Halloween Edition. I wouldn’t even buy the regular edition based on what I’ve seen of this one.

It’s game day Friday, a redundant introduction which I will shamelessly continue to use every Friday until I discontinue game day Friday. But it’s also game day Friday during the two week Halloween app extravaganza. So today and next week I will review two special Halloween editions of games.

The problem with special holiday editions is that they usually suck. Either the game is a direct copy of the regular game, but with seasonal decorations, or the original game sucks. Or the holiday game is a direct copy of the original game, but with seasonal decorations, and the original game sucks too.

I’m going to go with the latter explanation for Hour Clash: Halloween Edition. I haven’t played the original version but it isn’t hard to imagine what I’ll find.

Hour Clash: Halloween Edition is one of those ubiquitous match objects game. You know the kind, arrange the objects so that they line up in a sequence and then they go away and you earn points and go to the next level. Then the game adds little enhancements and obstacles to make the game more easy and more challenging at the same time. You keep playing until you run out of cool rewards, obstacles and levels or you get bored and delete it from your iPad.

I made it to level seven in Hour Clash: Halloween Edition and realized I had all I needed to review the app. But I won’t delete it until I finish the review.

First of all, I’m not even sure what Hour Clash: Halloween Edition has to do with Halloween. The entire game is basically a gum ball machine filled with little balls with different shapes. It took me a couple of levels to realize the halloween connection was the devil shaped balls. But that wasn’t until the pumpkin balls showed up. Then I realized the red devils weren’t just another ball shape.

You can see the homage to halloween in the devil and pumpkin balls.
More Halloween balls may show up after level 7 but I didn’t want to find out.

It was about level three that I remembered the game’s name was Hour Clash: Halloween Edition and that I wasn’t looking at a gum ball machine.

In a further homage to Halloween, the king and his princess daughter dance around at the bottom. You do see the connection to Halloween, right? If so, please feel free to fill me in. I’ll bet they just took the king and princess from the original game.

How hard would it have been to just drop a witch and a skeleton into the same animation machine? Then we would have really had Halloween.

Maybe they’ll figure that out by Christmas and give us Santa and an elf in Hour Clash: Happy Holidays Edition.

Unlike many match object games, you have to wait until a ball drops into the hour glass and then you have to drag it on top of a matching ball. If you match the balls, both disappear. If the matching ball is touching other matching balls they all disappear.

You have a little over a minute to move all of the balls out of the hour glass. At first this seems okay, but the more you advance through the levels the more Hour Clash: Halloween Edition begins to feel like a carney game. More specifically, it begins to feel like the carney game where you try to grab an object with a metal claw only to watch it fall back down before you can maneuver the claw to the chute.

Sometimes you get lucky and make a double, triple or super bonus (a match of more than three). That’s the bait. Most of the time you get the switch, which is simply running out of time.

By level six the balls occasionally stop dropping entirely. If one does decide to drop, you could drag it directly onto a match and both would remain in the hour glass. You would have several of one type lined up in a group and as soon as the matching ball dropped they would immediately jump apart. Sometimes the ball would veer off to the left the minute you tried to drag it.

Then there’s the bomb that always drops down with ten to fifteen seconds remaining to scramble everything if you haven’t cleared the hour glass. Which means, you don’t really have a minute to clear out the hour glass, you have forty-five seconds to clear out the hour glass and a minute before the game tells you what you figured out fifteen seconds earlier.

Even when you get most of the balls cleared out, there’s always a dropping bomb.

But you do get a wild card rainbow ball. It converts the dropping ball into whatever ball it touches. Remember how I said matching object games have rewards as well as obstacles? That’s the reward.

I like a challenge, but I also like to know the game plays by the rules. I at least like to feel that as I figure out the rules I will get better at playing. Neither seemed to be happening with this game.

So Hour Clash: Halloween Edition left me with a choice: I could continue playing and waiting for that serendipitous random moment, an increasingly and frustratingly more rare random moment when all the balls rolled my way (kind of like a dozen sevens in a row at craps) or I could leave the game and write this review.

You’re reading the review.

So that brings me back to the conclusion I already supplied in the spoiler alert. Do not, do not, under any circumstances, do not buy Hour Clash: Halloween Edition. Unless, of course, you like those carnival games where you win one small stuffed animal then spend all your money trying to repeat your success. The good news is, with Hour Clash: Halloween Edition the most you will lose is a couple of bucks.

The bad news is, you may really wish you never spent the two bucks.

Jenny Manytoes rates Hour Clash: Halloween Edition

Jenny Manytoes would cover Hour Clash: Halloween Edition in the litter box. In fact, she’s sharpening her claws on the edge of the litter box and waiting for me to hand the iPad to her.

The Jenny Manytoes Rating System

Jenny Manytoes, our polydactyl cat
  • When Jenny makes biscuits on a product she thinks she’s in heaven.
  • When Jenny purrs over a product she’s very happy.
  • When Jenny naps next to a product it’s okay with her.
  • When Jenny bunches her tail she can live with a product, but she has higher expectations.
  • When Jenny leaves it in the litter box….I don’t think I need to explain this one.


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